Norrie McGregor – Ceabhar


A new duo on the Scottish / Irish folk scene


Norrie McGregor, from the town of Greenock, in the west of Scotland, but now living in Danmark, has been playing “Celtic folk music” for more than 40 years.

Apart fom contributing to Ceabhar with his flowing silver locks his main instruments are guitar and vocal, but also cittern, mandolin, bodhran, and humour.

Rasmus Gollin, from the village of Sorring, near Silkeborg, in the centre of Danmark, but now living in Hjørring, studying Nature and Culture Communication. He has been playing “Celtic folk music” 5 years, and bravely continues to do so.

Apart from contributing to Ceabharwith his beautiful dark hair, Rasmus plays whistle, mandolin and banjo. Also he doesn’t shy away from bashing the drum once in a while.

At the moment Rasmus is practicing playing the harp, and cannot wait to play it on stage.

Ceabhar rarely play a tune or sing a song without first telling a story about how they found it, and come to be playing it, and what it is about.

They also very much like the audience to clap, or sing along, and enjoy an evening of genuine Celtic music and humour

Prisgruppe: A-B

And a little video.